Review and Plan for ITT success

Before you start working on a bid, it's important to review every piece of tender documentation that goes with it to ensure that your proposal is well planned and compliant when it comes to final submission. 

Pitfalls, and low hanging fruit. Reviewing an Invitation to Tender (ITT) to identify the essential details is a skill that you can sharpen with experience. However, in the beginning, it's easy to miss important factors such as submission dates and requirements, which could potentially exclude you from the race if you don't pick up on them in time to take action. It's also the point that you could miss the sections that will give you those all-important easy points that will boost your overall score.

Missing critical paragraphs and sections in an ITT is also a big pitfall for busy bid managers and sales specialists who just don't have the time to give an ITT the thorough review it needs in those early stages of qualification. 

Not enough hours in the day?. The ideal situation is that you're working on one bid, and you have all the time in the world to work through every section and build your bid plan. That doesn't often happen in reality though. A more likely situation is that you're working on two or three big bids and a stack of smaller proposals with equally tight deadlines and desirability, while at the same time having to do your 'real' job whatever that may be.

So, really what you need is an extra pair of eyes to give your opportunities the once over, helping you identify those hidden nuggets that will boost your scoring and keep you compliant. 

Ask for help. Not many organisations (particularly small ones) have the in-house luxury of someone with time on their hands to provide that kind of support. That's why it's sometimes necessary to buy some expertise from a bid specialist, who will give an impartial view of your potential opportunity and help you produce your bid plan.

And, it probably isn't as expensive as you think. Give us a call to find out more.

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