Converting more prospects to a sale.

Most of us will have enjoyed a good read where the author controlled our emotions and feelings. The anger at the villain taking advantage; the sadness at a loss; the invigoration at the unlikely hero/heroine overcoming all the odds.

But not only good authors control our emotions. Not so good authors can as well. A careless or thoughtless author can elicit emotions from the reader quite easily but a high proportion of these are negative. If this is in a book or article, you can choose to stop reading. If however it's in a document that you have to read and score then what does it do to your perception of the writer and the company they represent?

If you're an author of text for a tender response you must be aware of the emotional impact you're having on your reader. If you don't you're a potential danger to your team and company. If you are the team leader or bid manager you have to be aware of the impact any of your authors or writers are having to your bid.

It's hard to believe but too many companies are throwing good money away by bidding for work without reviewing their work before they send it to the potential client. If you are someone that does reviews then you must be rubbing your hands together as we've found over the years that those who review have a better conversion ratio (prospect to sale) than those who don't. 

Check your frame of mind. Check how you perceive the client. Are you likely to talk down to them and give them a feeling of condecension? Are you feeling frustrated with them or their ITT?

Amy Cuddy's team has provided evidence that "adopting expansive postures causes people to feel more powerful" and Adam Galinsky followed this up with the observation that this power improved

  • executive functioning

  • optimism

  • creativity

  • authenticity

So before you start writing you must stop and think yourself into a positive frame of mind. Cuddy suggests something as simple as standing upright and tall as you can with legs slightly apart and hands on the hips for two minutes. Breath slowly and deeply while you are in this pose.

Success in a bid rides on many factors but most of these can be reduced to the emotional reaction and counter action of you and the evaluator.

Prepare a strong response from both a specialist and an emotional point of view then have someone not involved in the response review it for you. We mentioned in an earlier blog that, all things considered, the average cost of bidding runs into the tens of thousands of pounds while a good review will cost around £3,000 to £4,000* (between 5% and 10% of the bid cost), a small price to pay for peace of mind that your bid is ticking the right boxes.

* Prices estimated on bid responses directed at bids between £2M and £15M. Larger bids that run over months can realise higher review costs depending on the degree of ongoing involvement.

The next article will deal with Emotion Generators.

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