A smarter way to think about your bid management needs

A lot of companies hire permanent bid management resource as a knee-jerk reaction to a spike in tendering activity. But in the long-term, this could be counterproductive if your company doesn't win, or your bid team is at maximum capacity for only a few months of the year.

A smarter way of resourcing your bid activity may be to supplement the team that you have during peaks by buying in the expertise you need for the length of time that it takes you to complete your bid.

You could also engage a freelance bid manager or writer to help you produce the tricky bits of your proposal or help answer the questions that see you struggle time after time.

Engaging an expert to review your bid is also a critical way of ensuring that you get the best out of your permanent resource. A fresh pair of eyes (or three) will give you the all-important feedback you need to help boost the scoring that could see you shortlisted for the next stages of the procurement. 

And the great thing about bringing in a freelancer or contractor to help you deliver your next big bid? Well apart from the obvious like HR and HMRC responsibilities, they aren't bogged down in internal politics and are focused on getting a job done quickly and efficiently. And they should (if they're any good at what they do) keep you on track to providing the information needed to produce a polished, professional, and responsive response to your potential customer's requirements.

So, before you post that advert for a full-time employee have a long hard think about whether you need to build a bid management empire, or whether interim focused expertise and skill is what you need to get you through the pain. And remember a bid manager isn’t just for Christmas…but a contractor can be.

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