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Making you bid smart

Red Review helps you reduce your cost of sale and improve your processes through expert bid management and tender review services.  

We get results. Applying our process has transformed one client’s win ratio from 1:10 to 8:10  

Our solutions cover every aspect of the bid management process and begin with a detailed consultation to establish your exact requirements.

Bid Reviews

Time pressures lead to many bid submissions being treated as an afterthought, or a nuisance that has to be dealt with. A high number of the bids we see have made the following issues:-

  • Insulting the client

  • Copy and paste boilerplate

  • Bid team comments and questions left in because text tracking hasn't been cleaned

  • Great answers but they don’t answer the questions asked in the bid

  • Answers focussed only on the first part of the question with the rest forgotten

  • The client overview hasn't been read with submissions contradicting client wishes

We provide learning reviews on bids already submitted recognising good and not so good company trends as well as identifying individuals that might require more training.

We also provide live reviews, working with the bid teams to get scoring and suggestions back overnight so that the bid team don't lose time.

A good review can and has made the difference of winning a bid by less than 2 points. Of 9 bids we reviewed for a major ICT company, 6 were won. On 2 of the remaining 3, the bid teams didn't have time to implement all of our recommendations. Their customer feedback showed the bids would have been won by small margins if the time had been found. 

Bid Management

A good Bid Manager is worth their weight in gold. There are more and more job adverts for Bid Managers as companies become aware of how important the quality of their submission is. Recruitment and retention of skilled people takes time and money. It’s not always a viable option for organisations.

Many will simply not bid for business due to lack of resource and expertise.

We help by providing interim Bid Managers. We also provide comprehensive auditing of the Bid Process within a client organisation and from that, a tailored training package. We also advise on recruitment where necessary.

We deliver great results and have worked with clients such as Business Stream and SSE.

Sales and Marketing Strategy Review

These reviews will usually take the company strategy as a lead and see how it feeds the sales and marketing strategy. We audit them for aspiration, contradiction and realism within the client marketplace checking that objectives, targets and pay-plans are aligned.

Effective Qualification

Qualification does not start and end as a thirty second process before a sales report or meeting. It's not enough to allow your CRM system to produce a percentage win chance. Qualification is an ongoing process that the best sales people utilise to ensure their time is as productively spent as possible. We provide an audit process on the state of your team's qualification capability and from that, training focussed on strengthening your productivity.


We provide tailored training to individual companies for groups or individual sessions.  Our approach is to get a full understanding of your requirements and to provide a training package that will deliver.  

All of our training is underpinned by emotional intelligence. Find out more about this approach here.

We can cover the following – but do speak to us to find out how we can match your specific requirements:

  • Bid strategy and management

  • Prospect qualification

  • Emotional Intelligence and psychology in the sales process

  • Consultative selling

  • Being cyber secure in sales and marketing

  • Marketing for non-marketeers

We’ve delivered a number of successful sessions for organisations such as

Since 2005, the associates have teamed together to facilitate successes for companies such as BT, Cap Gemini, CGI, DCS, ABM and IBM. We have worked with a number of mid-sized companies and provided coaching for smaller companies as well as working with, and coaching many public sector organisations on how to recognise the drivers behind the salespeople that come to see them.

Understanding Emotional Intelligence and how it affects the decisions others make

Much has been written about Emotional Intelligence (EI) since Goldman's book in 1990. As with many subjects it has its advocates and its critics. In our experience, having an emotional awareness of how your reader or listener might feel is the basis for capturing and maintaining their interest.

So often you'll see others being distracted or not interested in what you have to say. This is because they've allowed themselves to be primed to the distraction; their subconscious jumps to a conclusion, based on your introduction, that tells them through past experience, they are not sufficiently interested in what they think you're going to talk about. 

How do you prime them in a positive way? How do you gain their interest and involvement/cooperation/ acceptance?

We have seen evidence of good and bad EI time and again in meetings, presentations, proposals, strategies and bids. In short, being able to talk or write with awareness of how your audience might feel emotionally is the first step in being more effective. Collective EI training helps teams work on the same level of understanding and can reduce internal conflicts. This is particularly important for teams that affect customer perception.

We provide awareness training, in-house or off-site for individual delegates and company teams.

“Red Review have been an excellent partner for Business Stream. Their support enables us to bid and win a significant proportion of the available tenders in the new competitive water market. Their team are hugely knowledgeable in bid management and extremely personable.”
— Kate Bremner, Head of Commercial Development and Marketing for business Stream.
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”I can’t believe we’ve not used you before, I need to get you engaged more often”
— John Bartlett, Account Director, BT
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